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Build long-lasting trust and confidence in your food supply chain through a platform where everyone will be able to access transparent and reliable information on the origin, the journey, and the quality of their food.

You can connect the serials to the batch information in order to

  • Create a digital twin of your physical products.
  • Provide end-to-end traceability information.
  • Establish conversation,and collect valuable information about your consumers.

Product Features


We will get information about the supply chain information, the suppliers, the basic ingredients.


Mapping the challenges like traceability or quality and IoT sensors.

Digitization of Product

Digital Food Bundle creation

Blockchain Ledger

Most importantly, Organic Ledger helps define user and data access restrictions. The clients define the protocols and we adjust the variables to be presented, as per the requirements. The data variables that are to be presented before the end consumers are defined. The data that has to be shared with the limited set of stakeholders is also defined efficiently.

The several benefits of partnering with Organic Ledger.

  • Differentiate the product from the competitions
  • Establish the direct connection with consumers
  • Positions their Premium Products
  • Improve operational effeciency
  • Become complaint to import regulation of target countries.

Why we use Blockchain Architecture to create the Organic Ledger:

In technical terms, Blockchain is peer-to-peer distributed networks that are cryptographically secure, append-only, tamper-resistant (extremely hard to change) and updateable only through distributed consensus.

The entire system will consist of sensors and IoT technology along with full support of the indigenous software to configure the entire operations.

Organic Ledger™ with the help of Blockchain and IoT plans to provide the consumers with a trustworthy product backed by innovative tech to maintain and build trust in the quality and sanctity of Organic products.

Reduce the time and severity of product recalls

Organic Ledger will help you automatize product recall management throughout the supply chain. When the designated participants report contaminated batches, the system is able to trace back the batches to the producers of ingredients, disallow participants to take in batches that are derived from the contaminated batch, generate a list of batch IDs, and product serials to recall, and sends them to the affected participants, Notifying consumers about the recall on the product landing page.

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Get answers to all your unique questions and find out why Blockchain and IoT powered Organic Ledger is the right choice for your needs.

More Features

Manage and enforce Government norms
& protocols in your Supply chain

Control and enforce your supplier farmers to work according to a unified production protocol. Establish control points to ensure they keep the quality standards you require. Ensure cross border certifications and quality with the help of Organic Ledger.

Improve the efficiency of your
production processes

Improve your company’s processes by establishing detailed event reporting, and analyze the potential bottlenecks to improve your operational efficiency.

Introduce Unified Certification
Management in your supply chain

Organic Ledger lets your suppliers manage their company and product-related certifications, as well as batch level quality inspection results in one place. Access all documents anytime, and get automatic notifications about expiring certifications.

Be a part of the Global Crypto
rewards token network

Use of platform to Buy and earn crypto tokens Organic Coin, and use it to pay your suppliers and partners all across the globe seamlessly. Use your crypto tokens to convert them to either local currency or invest again in the global crypto economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • According to Olsen and Borit 2012, “traceability is the ability to access any or all information relating to that which is under consideration, throughout its entire lifecycle, by means of recorded identifications.” Food traceability began very early in human history with the earliest forms of identification on animals being Tattoed, brands, and coloured staining. Only in the last fifty years or so have food companies more routinely relied on product identification codes and electronic systems. Traceability is the systematic ability to trace the path of food ingredients and/or finished products throughout their entire lifecycle, using previously captured and stored records. These records catalogue key data elements (KDEs) at critical tracking events (CTEs).

  • Traceability is necessary for a variety of reasons from multiple stakeholder perspectives. Regulatory agencies—traceability provides the key link between an outbreak investigation, the epidemiology of the outbreak and the initiation of a recall. Consumers—traceability is critical for enabling trust and transparency with the private sector. Food industry—traceability provides better risk management, improved operational efficiencies and increased market access across the entire supply chain.

  • The growing need for food traceability originates from two basic types of drivers: public good and commercial benefit.

    Public good drivers:-

    • Reduce food contamination/adulteration
    • Lower the incidence and impact of foodborne illnesses.
    • Strengthen the ability to respond to emergencies.

    Proven commercial benefits:-

    • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain (reducing working capital and raising cash flow).
    • Gain access to new mark
    • Strengthen brand equity (verifying the provenance of a product claim or health benefit).

    While the public good from traceability tends to command attention, it is the commercial value of traceability that will sustain it. In the 1980’s the automotive industry undertook a massive re-engineering of its supply chain that was initially driven by demands for safer vehicles. However, it was the economic benefits of streamlining the supply chain that now dominates that effort.

  • Blockchain is an immutable distributed ledger of digital transaction data that are continuously authenticated with each new transaction linked together in the chain. This efficiency literally cuts out the need for third-party processors, while providing transparency and efficiency for dealers, suppliers and counterparties. Blockchain food traceability is gaining momentum in the global agri-food sector. The ability to instantaneously trace the entire lifecycle of food products from origin through every point of contact on its journey to the consumer bolsters credibility, efficiency and safety. Consumers would have the ability to trace their food from “farm to fork” with a scan of a QR code. Additional benefits include fraud prevention and the ability to better tackle outbreaks through prevention methods that can help minimize food testing expenses and improve margins.

  • In response to the climate crisis, more citizens, farmers and supermarket brands are looking for choices that will help them make a difference to the planet. Now is the time to convey the message that organic is the solution for the long term sustainability and wellbeing of our planet. Farming organically is better for biodiversity. In scientific research, we have concluded that over 40% of insect species are declining while one in three mouthfuls of our food is dependent on pollinators due to excess use of industrial insecticide and pesticides. We need to protect vital insect engineers by encouraging nature-friendly farming and hence the Organic farms have around 50% more wildlife, and organic grain fields have up to seven times more bees. The higher consumer interest developed by our solution in the Organic food sector will have a snowball effect on the farming sector, where non-organic farmers would want to convert to sustainable organic methods to gain traction piqued by our technical product.

Our Team

Sunny Vaish

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Rajiv Mathur

Chief Technology Officer

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Creative Head

Shivam Kumar

Technical Lead

Swati Megha

Android Developer

Navya Srivastva

Marketing and Socials

Amritanshu Rawa

UI/UX Designer

Shrey Rastogi

UI/UX Designer

Our Esteemed Advisory

Mr Raj A Kapoor

CEO, India Blockchain Alliance, Blockchain Leader

Jaspreet Bindra

Blockchain Industry Leader

Subhash Ghosh (Technoplat)

Founder and CEO,Technoplat UK & Singapore

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Choose Authentic Vegetables with Organic Ledger

Choose Authentic
Vegetables with
Organic Ledger

If we truly want to educate consumers on where their food comes from, we need to go beyond one-word marketing terms like organic, sustainable, net-zero carbon, slave labour free etc and lift the curtain in order to show people how the foods they eat, including organic products, are actually produced.

Earn Digital Assets as rewards for purchasing the products powered by Organic Ledger. Start by redeeming your Digital Assets to claim member-exclusive perks like shop at special prices on Organic Ledger store, claim exclusive rewards and cashback.

Powering positive purchases for people and planet

To help shoppers drive change through their purchasing power, Organic Ledger works with brands to make sustainability information available online and in-store via QR codes. We protect shoppers from greenwash by connecting claims to evidence from the supply chain or third-party verification.
Watch our video to know "How Blockchain powered Organic Ledger solves real world supply chain problems".

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Consistent claims

Consistent claims

When you see a claim that’s 'Powered by Organic Ledger', you can be confident it means the same thing wherever you see it.

Integrated proof

Integrated proof

All claims on Organic Ledger are supported by supply chain proof or third-party verification, so you can trust their integrity.

Dig deeper

Dig deeper

Interactive Proof Points allow shoppers to learn about the standards behind a certification.

Understand certifications

Understand certifications

Learn more about the standards behind third-party certifications with interactive Proof Points.

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Organic Ledger

Farm-to-table Food Traceability Solution Using Blockchain and IoT Technology. We provide all tools and applications for complete supply chains to implement successful traceability for their desired scope. Organic Ledger enables supply chain-wide collaboration with end-to-end operational visibility and process control.

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